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Lighthouse Hotel & Spa  Price rating for Lighthouse Hotel & SpaPrice rating for Lighthouse Hotel & SpaPrice rating for Lighthouse Hotel & Spa South Coast



One of Geoffrey Bawa's earliest and most famous works of architecture. Designed to harmonise with the natural beauty of its surroundings, the Lighthouse combines luxury hotel with an ayurvedic spa. A most distinctive feature at the hotel entrance is a sculptured metal ballustrade enclosing a spiral staircase which sweeps to the roof top.  It depicts a tale of the Dutch invaders, featuring  the Sinhala king playing his flute and life- size horsemen in battle.  

The hotel sits on a rocky outcrop above the beach with terraces sweeping down to the golden sands and the Indian Ocean. The hotel sits alongside a natural reef and bay which is safe for swimming nearly all year round.  The large pools and adjoining sundeck  allow you to enjoy an unterrupted view of the blues and greens of sea and sky.  Or stroll down through the gardens to the beach side and the Serena spa.

The main body of the hotel has corridors dappled by shadows  from tall slender pillars and colonial night lamps ( a further mark of Geoffrey Bawa).  The 60 rooms lead off in somewhat regimented rows.

Ideally located for Galle's fascinating historic Fort and the cosmopolitan restaurants but sufficiently far away to escape the noise and grime of  the bustling City.

The active may wish to venture on a fishing trip for whale and dolphin spotting, or challenge their partner to a game of tennis, squash or pool.  The more serious athlete may wish to interrupt the sunbathing with a work-out in the gymnasium.

For most, this is a perfect hotel for 1-3 nights stay whilst you explore the South coast, crafts and fishermen before heading further East, North or West for more adventure.

  •  Sociable, spacious and stylish in a convenient location
  •  A  large hotel in size and room number which can detract from the impression of the colonial architecture of Geoffrey Bawa.




Overall Quality
Overall grade varies between 86% and 94%
Quality of Restaurant
Restaurant grade varies between 84% and 92%
Command of English
English grade varies between 90% and 96%
Quality of Service
Service grade varies between 88% and 94%
Quality of Bathroom
Bathroom grade varies between 84% and 92%
Child Friendly
Swimming Pool
Beach Access
Groups Welcomed
Maid Service
Cultural Sites
Good mobile

Lighthouse Hotel & Spa, Galle - check availability and book online for Lighthouse Hotel & Spa in Galle, Sri Lanka - visit Boutique Sri Lanka now for more details. Lighthouse Hotel & Spa in Galle: Boutique hotel designed by acclaimed architect Geoffrey Bawa for a sensual experience beyond a mere holiday.