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Haus Chandra  Price rating for Haus ChandraPrice rating for Haus Chandra Colombo
Mount Lavinia



An antique collector`s paradise.  A mixture of colonial villas, penthouse apartments and standard hotel rooms just 20 minutes out of Colombo Centre.  Located on Mount Lavinia's  beach, this is an ideal location for city shoppers and tourists on a budget. 

Owned by Prof. Anton, Haus Chandra, it is also home to many students of the International University of Complementary Medicine.  There is a 4 week programme which teaches numerous homeopathic therapies and alternative medicine.

The suites are named after various renowned Doctors and Queen Elizabeth II is alleged to have slept in the antique four poster bed, that stands 3ft on the floor in Queen Elizabeth II Apartment.

Professor Anton is passionate about medicine, antiques, alsations and Rolls Royces and he relishes in them all. Take a nightcap with him one night and be inspired by the stories of an entrepreneur. The beach restaurant is the social focal point in the evenings, as most guests explore the city during the day.

The seafood is excellent, but the beach is not the cleanest or most desirable for sunbathers. The small pool is a preferable sun lounging area.



  • Queen Elizabeth apartment combines romance with  "hip hotel".
  • Boat House cafe lights up the beach and the seafood is deliciously fresh.
  • Striking sepia photography throughout the hotel
  •  Mount Lavinia has become rather shabby and the quaint seaside village style has lost its quaintness, stick to the main roads.
  • The University course is very expensive and its content is weak

Overall Quality
Overall grade varies between 70% and 80%
Quality of Restaurant
Restaurant grade varies between 60% and 80%
Command of English
English grade varies between 80% and 100%
Quality of Service
Service grade varies between 80% and 90%
Quality of Bathroom
Bathroom grade varies between 60% and 80%
Child Friendly
Swimming Pool
Beach Access
Groups Welcomed
Maid Service
Landscaped Gardens
Dining Room
Good mobile

Haus Chandra, Mount Lavinia - check availability and book online for Haus Chandra in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka - visit Boutique Sri Lanka now for more details. Haus Chandra in Mount Lavinia: Unusual resort hotel offering many styles of accommodation, and an antique collector's heaven.