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A simply styled, single storey home constructed entirely of teak, one of Sri Lanka's sustainable hardwoods.  Set in 11/2 acres of coconut plantation on a hill above the beach, the house has been designed to capture the breezes coming off the ocean.  The whole building is raised above the ground, which means negotiating a few steps up to the verandah entrance.

Around the house some palm trees have been cleared, and the garden is in the early stages of planting, though paths through dappled shade have been created and lined with flowering shrubs, in particular some 40 ginger plants in the front garden.

The central living area, fronted by the open verandah, is furnished with comfortable chairs and sofa.  Colourful cushions liven up the interior of teak walls, floor and ceiling. A small round dining table is ideal for alfresco dining.

Roshan, the chef, will prepare breakfast for you and any other meal by request. His brother, Ruane Chandana, will be happy to run errands for you in a tuk-tuk, or drive you in the evening, just give him notice before he leaves in the afternoon

Two very reliable watch dogs, Tissa and Seeni, give advance warning of any approach and have a complete bill of health regarding vaccines etc..

Tangalle, nearby, covers most day to day shopping and a 'farmers' market' operates on Wednesday and Sunday. Even better, source your supper straight from the fishermen at the harbour. If early mornings are not your 'thing', hand the money to Roshan with instructions.  You will receive receipts and change.

Whilst a 'no shoes' policy is encouraged inside the house, it is advisable always to wear at least flip flops outside in the gardens or on the beach.  The beach here is quite narrow with rocky outcrops, but interesting with lively breakers rolling in from the ocean.

There is a useful list of contact numbers provided including a local G.P. and restaurants and Roshan can arrange a Tuk Tuk at  moment's notice.  When you have no further need of Roshan's services he will be happy to return to his nearby family home and leave you in peace. It is customary to tip the houseboy, at your discretion.


 Highs  Lows
  • A very private spot for a  couple or family who are beach lovers.
  • Roshan's cooking is fabulous, especially now he has completed a further period of training.and
  • The air taxi to Dikwella brings this remote and uncommercial location  within easy reach.
  • Recent locally raised funds have transformed the local hospital, which now boasts some of the best facillities on the island.
  •  A soft path to the beach would help when you have bare sandy feet.
  • There is little to do in Tangalle so take a good book.
  • Currently no pool available



Overall Quality
Overall grade varies between 84% and 96%
Quality of Restaurant
Restaurant grade varies between 70% and 80%
Command of English
English grade varies between 80% and 90%
Quality of Service
Service grade varies between 80% and 100%
Quality of Bathroom
Bathroom grade varies between 90% and 94%
Child Friendly
Beach Access
Good mobile

Teak House, Tangalle - check availability and book online for Teak House in Tangalle, Sri Lanka - visit Boutique Sri Lanka now for more details. Teak House in Tangalle: Bijou yet boutique wooden villa on Tangalle's stunning beach. Ideal for couples and small families wanting to escape the western world.