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Breathtaking views, organic flavours and giant brightly coloured butterflies are the best kept secrets at Paradise Farm.  Set within the dense woodland of the low country, Kithulgala is a pretty village combining tea and Kithul plantations with the rapid River Kelani in the valley below.  The colours change with the seasons a sea of orange mango turns to a horizon of red rambutan.


Set up by the Worldview International Foundation in 1998, as an organic farm project designed to offer local employment and improve the quality of  life and surroundings for village workers.


Shrouded by misty mountains, the only sounds are those of birdsong, the resident frogs and the occasional wild dog.  Workers attend to the rubber sap and tea picking, stopping only at weekends with their families.


The villa has opened up to guests wishing to rejuvenate in these tranquil surroundings or relish in the wildlife.  Walk around the estate or laze about on the luxurious terrace and natural spring-fed infinity pool.






  •  The giant butterflies of day replaced by fire flies at night dancing to the harmonies of Bach.
  • Friendly buffalo, baby frogs, jungle fowl and a vibrant pied kingfisher welcome you to the villa
  • Take a walk around the organic estate guided by Sumudasa, the village watchman tea, rubber, coconut, pepper, cinnamon, pineapple and rare orchids
  • Spot black bee hives and mongooses rustling in 20ft high trees
  • Orchestras of parrots, bulbuls, crested cuckoo and wild hens.
  • Leeches small but plentiful in May-August. Dry land and leech-free  in Dec-April.
  • Rather odd garden courtyards at the rear of the villa bedrooms
  • Power cuts in the dry zone the generator kicks in eventually! Temporary candles are very romantic.
  • Multiple light switches in the bedrooms
  • Open shower rooms offering no privacy within your bedroom .








Overall Quality
Overall grade varies between 80% and 90%
Quality of Restaurant
Restaurant grade varies between 60% and 80%
Command of English
English grade varies between 60% and 80%
Quality of Service
Service grade varies between 60% and 80%
Quality of Bathroom
Bathroom grade varies between 60% and 70%
Child Friendly
Swimming Pool
Groups Welcomed
Maid Service
Cultural Sites
Landscaped Gardens
Private Cook
Dining Room
No mobile

Paradise Farm, Kitulgala - check availability and book online for Paradise Farm in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka - visit Boutique Sri Lanka now for more details. Paradise Farm in Kitulgala: An organic farm project with breathtaking views and wonderful food. Villa accommodation offering simple self-catering or full board accomodation, yet a surprising amount of 'mod-cons'.