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Ulpotha is OPEN from 25th November 2007 to 30th March 2008 and then again from 15th June to 10th August 2008.

A world untouched by Western hand and a ‘sanctuary’ never forgotten and often revisited. Located 2 hours from the airport and Kandy,  bordering the Western Province and Hill Country, Ulpotha has been a pilgrimage site for thousands of years and remains a traditional working village cradled on one side by a striking mountain range and a lake and on the other by tiny emerald green paddy fields.

Funded by the East Pole Foundation, partners Giles and Viren have renovated the original manor house and expanded the adobe housing to accomodate up to 19 guests.

Daily yoga classes and ayurvedic treatments from century old principles are all included in the cost of your stay to practise or admire. Two week holidays are scheduled to combine natural living with low key party life, and guests are encouraged to join ‘like minded’ explorers.

Swim in the lily carpeted lake, paint your thoughts with canvas and oil, or just relax in cushioned pavilions or the numerous hideaways on the 22-acre organic estate. Evenings are flame lit gatherings, for delicious yet vegetarian dishes and impromptu house parties or private hut solitude.

Peace, karma and friendship can be discovered by all.

Ulpotha is open approximately 20 weeks of the year, Nov to April and just 6 weeks of June-July’s dry zone. Nov/Dec can have rain at night, Jan-Mar + June – perfect climate, Mar-May very hot and dry. The land and people then recharge for the next harvest.




  •  Beautiful setting for simple living and unwinding
  • 90% money-free community. Kindness buys you everything
  • Late night house parties with new friends and duty free collections.


  •  Ulpotha can only be enjoyed for half the year
  • No Western luxuries – electricity, hot water, mobiles, music is live!
  • Be prepared to see the occasional snake – they will escape quicker than you!
  • Look out for the ants' nests. Their bite is fierce but harmless.

Life at Ulpotha

Remote from shops and towns, Ulpotha is extremely laid back. No rules beyond a mutual respect for the local community.


Experienced teachers join Ulpotha to teach varying levels of yoga. Hatha, Sirananda, Iyengar and Astanga yoga are most common and teachers adopt varying schedules, eg. one class/day, two classes, split level classes, some including early morning walks and classes in the hills. Power yoga enthusiasts should adjust or talk to the teachers before booking to avoid disappointment.

The yoga pavilion is large and open-air with wooden flooring. Guests should bring their own yoga mat. Cool linens and sarongs are usual attire.

Dates Focus Teacher
6th - 20th January 2008 Scaravelli & Kripalu Yoga Sandra Callender
20th Jan - 3rd Feb 2008 Hatha Yoga Claire Farman
3rd - 17th Feb 2008 Astanga Yoga Jean Hall
17th Feb - 2 March 2008 Hatha Yoga Will Lane
2nd - 16th March 2008 Astanga Yoga Mika
16th - 30th March 2008

Hatha Yoga

Anoushka Pletts

15th - 29th June 2008 Yoga tbc
29th June - 13th July 2008 Yogasana practice with Pranayama and meditation Granville Cousins
13th - 27th July 2008 Fluid Hatha yoga Deepa Moodgal
27th July - 10th August 2008 Hatha yoga Angus Ford-Robertson


The ‘Wedegedera’ – Treatment Centre, has practices more ancient than ayurvedic medicine records. Passed through centuries of families, the resident Doctors and therapists work their magic on your body to purity. All the oils/herbs sit in the temple for some time before use.

 Some detoxifying ayurvedic treatments can make you feel unwell for 24hrs and exhaust the body. Spa treatments and massages can be less intense. Mud huts, closet steam baths, temples to purify the oils, treatment tables etc. The central courtyard well provides blessed water and corner screens hide caldrons – the source of hot water showers!

The ants love this environment so beware of nests.

Buddhist monks in the hillside temple welcome meditators. Learn through example as English is not spoken.

The Environment

Twenty Two acres of land has been replanted to create a ‘Garden of Eden’. Mudiyanse Tennekoon, the farming genius of the project has echoed nature in his planting. Lush tropical trees and shrubs create a colourful array which changes with the seasons. Jasmine scents the hills, red hibiscus line the pathways, fruits of the season colour branches and Haliconia hang like fantasy claws.

Pollinators, insect repellent sunflowers and wildlife habitats have been created to provide easy living for humans and wildlife alike.  Cleared paths and bridges link lakes, rocks (gala), farmland and relaxation huts. Foxes, deer and wild elephants are known to visit by the lake, especially in the quiet of the night. Twitchers will delight at the bird life – kingfishers, sea eagles and mountain hawks sweep in on their prey. Large vibrant butterflies float by day whilst fire flies dance by night.

Farming is traditional-  bullock drawn carts and rice threshed by candle light under buffalo hooves.

Relax in the abundant hammocks and hanging beds around the estate.  A stable of bikes is shared amongst the community to reach farmland, the hills or local tailor. Some of the tracks can be heavy going because they are poorly maintained dirt roads and paths, this can however, add to the excitment for the more adventurous.

Evening time fun is optional. Sporadically, Giles, the thirty something business partner of Ulpotha or a comical guest instigates a house party in the lounge.  Upali and his friends create music. Arrack flows and everyone dances into the early hours – CD’s assisted by car batteries take over as bongo’s tire.

The local community embraces visitors but family time should be respected at key times of the day.


Overall Quality
Overall grade varies between 70% and 90%
Quality of Restaurant
Restaurant grade varies between 60% and 70%
Command of English
English grade varies between 60% and 100%
Quality of Service
Service grade varies between 70% and 80%
Quality of Bathroom
Bathroom grade varies between 60% and 70%
Groups Welcomed
Cultural Sites
Spice Garden
Dining Room
No mobile

Ulpotha, Embogama - check availability and book online for Ulpotha in Embogama, Sri Lanka - visit Boutique Sri Lanka now for more details. Ulpotha in Embogama: A pilgrimage site for thousands of years, now offering peace, Karma and friendship admist a working, organic farm. Perfect base for yoga and Ayurvedic retreats.