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Sea Plane / Air Taxi

Please Note that the Air Taxi Service is Currently Suspended.
Sri Lankan Airlines fly to number of destinations throughout Sri Lanka at arranged times. The pilot will set the take off time, where feasible, to meet with passenger requirements. Passengers joining a flight pre-booked by a party must accept that time.

The Flight journey times, destinations are below. Bookings can be made through our consultants.

SriLankan Air Taxi Southern Schedule
(Summer 2006/26th March - 28th October)

Time published is standard Sri Lanka Time in 24 Hour Format.

CMB Dep   0600     0900     1445  
BJT Arr   0630     0930        
BJT Dep   0645              
KCT Arr   0705              
KCT Dep   0720              
DIW Arr   0735              
DIW Dep   0750              
WRZ Arr   0810           1545  
WRZ Dep     0840           1600
KCT Arr     0915           1635
KCT Dep     0930           1650
BJT Arr     0950            
BJT Dep     1005     1145      
CMB Arr     1035     1215     1735
If 2 or more Passengers request a connection to or from DIW or WRZ, the service will be extended to accommodate same
SriLankan Airlines Reserves the right to change flight times without prior notice.
CMB - Bandaranayaka International Airport
BJT - Bentara River ­ Bentota
KCT - Koggala Air Base
DIW - Dickwella ­ Mawella
WRZ - Weerawila Air Base

Seats would be confirmed as booked only after payment of fare to any SriLankan Airlines Ticketing Office or by any other means that may be decided from time to time by SriLankan Air Taxi.

As per current Sri Lanka Air force and Sri Lanka Civil Aviation Authority regulations, all domestic air service providers are required to submit names and identification details of passengers well in advance of departure. As such a notice period of 24 hours will be required before departure.


  • The normal baggage allowance on SriLankan Air Taxi is 20kg for checked and 7kg for hand luggage.

  • Baggage within the allowance but which cannot be accommodated due to shape and size (e.g. Surf boards, golf gear, etc) will be ground transported to the destination free of charge within twelve hours.

Costs and Booking: To gain a preliminary cost or make a booking, please call our consultants on +94 11 2699 213 (international charges apply) or e-mail: