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Chenna Huts Yala

Yala,  Yala


Luxury in the wilderness, surrounded by exotic fauna and flora, is Chena Huts by Uga Escapes personified. Situated right on the edge of the island with the Yala National Park on one side and great blue ocean on the other, this is the ideal location for the nature lover to park themselves to get pampered before, in-between and after their wildlife expeditions. 

Chena Huts welcomes guests with wooden bridges and platforms overLotus carpeted , leading to a series of hidden mud huts, akin to a traditional Sri Lankan village. In no way let that simplicity fool you that this place is one with bare basics. The mud structure, roofed with thatched coconut branch blendswith its surroundings butwithin lies everything one would need for a few days of living in luxury. 

Follow the maze of wooden bridges completeand wooden railings then step into an eco-villa, adorned with wooden based statues and a spacious white domed ceiling.  The hutscomprise a bedroom, living area and bathroom, each with its own outdoor deck and plunge pool and shower to enjoy the views.

The resort has a main pool and spa to one side and the golden beaches to the other. Or revel in the main attraction of safari.

Yala National Park will definitely be the number one and for many, the main reason, to visit this area of the country. Carrying within its belly exotic fauna such as the elusive leopard, the Sri Lankan sloth bear, wild elephants, foxes and the spotted deer, the park is the wild life lover’s paradise. However, the southern territory of the country carries more for the explorer interested in going beyond. Turtle hatcheries and farms, fishing and boating expeditions on one side and historic and religious monument on the other are also available within reach for those indulging in luxury at the Chena Huts.


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Chena Huts have 14 spacious huts spread over 7 acres of property ensuring privacy and seclusion without fear of interruption and invasion of your holiday space. The huts, which are more aptly described as villas, are luxurious hubs of cozy beds with soft linen, accompanied by with intricate wooden artefacts. White dome shaped high ceilings contrast with the dark wooden floors and furniture giving a feeling of extreme spaciousness. Decorated with Sri Lankan accessories such as the very traditional ceiling fan and oil lamp, the hut contains all the modern amenities such as climate control, large flat-screen TV and a mini bar. The bathroom is equipped with aromatic toiletries and a bathtub to soak your day away and relax in.

Each hut has its own private deck with a plunge pool and shower. The deck is shaded with large trees and the pool is ideal to soak off the tropical heat. The view from the deck is the tropical trees and shrubs and cuts you off from the rest of the population, leaving you to indulge in nature undisturbed and undistracted. 


Various meal plans are available at this resort, fine local and international flavours are brought to life by Head Chef, who usually gives a personalized service depending on the crowd and busy nature of the night.

Cooking demonstrations with ‘Chef ‘ can be arranged - a few Sri Lankan dishes are taught in detail, tasted and then the recipes detailed instructions shared to try back at home. Sadly the home grown ingredients are harder to transport but spices are readily available on the island. 

Extra snacks, picnic baskets, refreshments for the safari tours are some of the services extended beyond the three meals. This was a welcome treat due to long days we spent outside sight seeing. 

There are two open-air bars to choose from pre and post dinnerall with wonderful views of natural wonders. Cocktails at sunset at Chena Huts with the sounds of wildlife, back-dropped by the Oceans’ waves are hard to beat. 

Things to do & local tips

Enjoying your stay at Chena Huts doesn't need to take you much further away from the premises if you are looking for a quiet relaxing time. Some of the wildlife celebrated in these parts of the island may be spotted while within the premises itself, and you may not want to wander out beyond the boundaries at all. Sightings of water buffalos, wild boars and exotic birds have been reported whilst looking out from the vantage points of the premises.

For the more sight seeing and adventurous visitor, Chena Huts offers game drives to Yala National Park where you will catch sight of some of the most exotic Sri Lankan animals and reptiles and migratory birds. Spottings of leopards, Sri Lankan sloth bears, wild elephants, spotted deer, crocodiles and alligators, and colorful migratory birds will fill your eyes and the knowledgeable guides will fill your brains with fascinating facts and real stories.

Apart from arrangingthe guide, transport and bookings for visits to the park, Chena Huts will also accommodate requests to explore turtle farms, sea fishing as well to visit cultural and religious monuments such as Katharagamadevalaya, KiriVehera, Sithulpawwa and Thissamaharamya. 

Chena Huts ensures all their visitors get the best of every deal and will bend backwards to make your visit a priceless and wonderful experience with many a memory to make you want to come back for more.