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East and North Sri Lanka - Details

Telephone dialing code for Aragum Bay is 063
Telephone dialing code for Trincomalee is 026
Telephone dialing code for Jaffna is 021

Places of Interest

Destination Comments
Kanniyai Hot Wells,
7km northwest of Trinco
It is advisable to take a small towel if you are jumping back into a car afterwards
Koneswaram Kovil (Hindu temple) & Swami Rock
Trinco town
Cover shoulders and legs out of respect.
Pigeon Island, opposite Nilveli coast line Great for snorkeling and a spot of private sun bathing.
Above round trip  
Aragum Bay  
Pottuvil Lagoon
River Excursion with Natural Recycling Eco Society
Daily Trips from Arugambay Hilton Hotel. Understand the importance of the mangrove system in the waters and fishermans eco cycle.

Jafna is steeped with history and the remaining poverty and destruction of war time. The numerous Hindu temples, mosques, and Buddhist shrines plus Jaffna Fort will be of interest to a historian but beyond that the main attraction for any visitor is the culture and communities. Tourism is very underdeveloped with just a few guesthouses of mediocre standard.

Excursions further a field

Destination Ideal Days required
Cultural Triangle 2 - 3
Hill Country – Kandy / Nuwara Eliya/ Ella/ Horton Plains/ Adams Peak 3
Yala Safari – inc. Inc Dikwela Blow hole and Weligama Stilt Fishermen 2
Galle / Weligama Stilt Fishermen from Aragum Bay 3

Activities - Watersports
Including windsurfing, body surfing, kite surfing and diving / snorkelling

Aragum Bay(April –September)

Best Surf points:

  • Pottuvil Point (North of bay)

  • Crocodile Rock (South of bay)

A-Bay Surf shop
Boards R300/day Rs 1500 / week

Kite surf operators tend to be German contractors who pitch up each year to sell equipment and guide beginners.


Diving the Snake West Coast , Paradise Island, Bentota , Sri Lanka.
Run by fun and experienced German divers: Claudio & Claus. Fluent in English and affiliated with PADI, SSI, Barakuda, CMAS and NRC. They have their own school for theory and equipment and will take you out to sea for wreck and flora & fauna dives. You will see Grouper, sea ray, sharks to name just a few.

For further details on dives, courses and costings, click here.

Whale Watching

Unbeknown to many, Sri Lanka’s waters and the Indian Ocean is home to 26 species of cetaceans – Blue whale, Sperm whale, Brybe’s whale, dolphins, and porpoises. Join one of the deep sea fishing boats off the coast of Trincomelee and within a 4 hour trip you will see up to 16 Blue whales and over 100 dolphins.

Enquire at the guesthouses or the harbours about whale watching off the East Coast. Tourism is beginning to develop out there and the more entrepreneurial fisherman will be running trips in the day between catches.


Beach Main Attraction
Nilaveli, Trincomalee Swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling
Uppuveli, Trincomalee Swimming, sunbahing - bit dirty
Marble Beach , Trincomalee Swimming, sunbathing
Aragum Bay Wide sandy beach, swimming, sunbathing, surfing
Point Pedro Only safe beach in Jaffna free of land mines


Bars & Restaurants


There are very few stand alone bars and restaurants. The most popular and best quality restaurants are within the hotel and guesthouses.

Stardust Hotel in Aragum Bay has an excellent reputation for its food although it is a relaxed venue, in keeping with this small fishing and surfing town.

Getting About

Tuk Tuk’s

Tuk Tuks are the main mode of transport within the towns and to local sights. Try to befriend a Tuk Tuk driver at the beginning of your stay and the rates will come down. Most of the hotels will have their preferred Tuk Tuk drivers who will look after you as they will have a relationship with the hotel but do not be naïve to their persuasive techniques.

Reliable contact and friend to us : Rafeek in Trinco – 7ft and one of the tallest men in Sri Lanka!


Buses are not the best of mode of transport to the North & East. The distance and road condition makes it prohibitive.

To Trinco Duration
From Colombo 6 hours departing every 45 minutes
From Kandy 6 hours departing every 2-3 hours
To Aragum Bay  
From Colombo 10 hours

Check at the bus stations at Pottuvil and Trinco town for exact information.


Trains currently run to Trinco only from Colombo.

To Colombo Destination
From Trinco 8 hrs


For advice on costs for private drivers and getting around the island for excursions, click here.


This the ideal transport and is very cost effective, Cinnamon Air and Millenium Airlines (former Deccan Aviation).


For reservations, Tel : +94 (0) 112 222 3916

Post Office & Banks

Banks can be found in Trincomalee, Aragum Bay and Jaffna. Post offices are also in Nilaveli and Uppuveli, Trincomalee.