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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The www.boutiquesrilanka.com website service is operated by Boutique Sri Lanka ("BSL") a trading name of Boutique Holidays (PVT) Limited, a registered company in Sri Lanka. Neither Boutique Holidays (PVT) Limited nor BSL nor any other associate subsidiary is a travel agent or tour operator but is a facilitator which has arrangements with a number of suppliers whose properties and/or products are featured on this website. Your contract, when it is made, will not be with Boutique Holidays (PVT) Limited or BSL but with the relevant accommodation / product supplier. On a few occasions the product supplier may be a travel agent.
Only after e-mail / written booking confirmation has been sent by you and the required non-refundable deposit paid to BSL or one of its authorized representatives on behalf of the suppliers, will your reservation become confirmed. BSL accepts no liability in respect of any contract you enter into for the provision of accommodations or services or other products you may purchase or for the acts or omissions of any supplier or other party related in any way to any arrangement made.
Payments are to be made in LKR or USD or, if provided in another currency, at the equivalent amount, using the conversion rates relevant at the time.
Note: If BSL is unable to collect any payment of a deposit attempted to be made by using a credit or debit card provided by a customer, the reservation will not be confirmed although the customer will be given an opportunity to pay by cash or bankers' draft.
All contracts for accommodation or any other product are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant supplier. Website users are responsible for reading those terms and conditions. Any cancellation or amendment of a confirmed booking is also subject to the supplier's terms and conditions and cancellation / amendment fees. These normally vary according to the period of notice given.

Website users are recommended to take out personal travel insurance covering all members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance is adequate and appropriate for your particular needs and your written booking acceptance shall be deemed to include your confirmation that you have taken out such insurance.

Nothing on this website constitutes an offer on our part or on the part of any supplier. The content of any part of the website constitutes, at most, an invitation to you to make an offer to purchase products from a relevant supplier on the basis of that supplier's terms and conditions. Each featured supplier may accept or decline any such offer. All products featured or referred to are subject to availability and no warranties, promises, or representations are given as to availability.
All credit card information provided by you will be handled on a secure server using 128-bit SSL technology and an independent and secure payment gateway. Your connection to the secure server is indicated on most browsers by a closed padlock.
Any personal data on the BSL secure server is used by BSL for any of the purposes set out below:

  1. The use of this information by BSL in connection with the provision of BSL's services to you as stated in these terms and conditions.
  2. The release by BSL of your personal contact information to each hotel/service provider at the stage of the on-line confirmation by you of booking.
  3. The notification to you by e-mail of information regarding any element of your travel arrangements.
  4. The notification to you by other means (e.g. direct mail) of similar marketing information by BSL PROVIDED THAT you have expressed a wish (by ticking the opt in box) to be so provided with such information.

Although BSL makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by each supplier, BSL cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or changes that may have occurred. All recommendations, opinions and prices regarding properties and/or other products displayed by each supplier on this website are provided for guidance only.
BSL has no responsibility for your direct dealings with the supplier of the accommodation / product once the introduction has been made. All accommodation / product suppliers are themselves responsible for the final quotations and booking offers for your reservation.
BSL does not accept responsibility for the accommodation or products featured on this website. If you have any reason for complaint or dissatisfaction during the course of your visit, you should raise the matter with the hotel / villa manager or product supplier in order that remedial action may be taken. BSL local ground handlers, Tropical Travels will assist as liaison and resolution facilitator in the event of any problem. Tropical Travels will also make calls throughout the holiday to ensure satisfaction.
BSL is an agent of each of its suppliers to the extent that it receives any non-refundable deposit and whenever BSL recovers cancellation charges on behalf of a supplier. Otherwise, BSL does not accept liability for any loss or damage or other sum or claim of any nature whatsoever (whether direct, indirect, consequential of other) which arises, directly or indirectly from the content of this website, including, for the avoidance of doubt but not by way of limitation, any use of any information or other material contained in the website or for any inability to access or use this website.
BSL is an agent of each of its suppliers to the extent that it receives any non-refundable deposit and whenever BSL recovers cancellation charges on behalf of its supplier. Otherwise, BSL is an independent contractor and nothing on this website shall be construed to imply that there is any relationship between it and any of the suppliers whose accommodation or products are contained or referred to in this website. In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, there is no relationship of partnership or of principal / agent or of employer / employee nor is it engaging in any joint venture. Accordingly, none of them shall have any right or authority to act on behalf of the other or any of them nor to bind the other or any of them by contract or otherwise.
Website www.boutiquesrilanka.com contains links to third party sites. However, we do not control those websites and are not responsible for their content.
BSL categorises all hotels on our rating system to give a general guide. However, these are not the official local ratings and customers should be aware that standards can vary between hotels of the same class in different countries and even in the same country.

The copyright and all other Intellectual Property rights in all of the material on this website are owned by BSL or the material is included with the permission of the owner of any such right. As a visitor to the site, you may use material on it for your own private purposes but copying of any part for commercial or business use is strictly prohibited.

These terms and conditions are subject to Sri Lankan Law and the Sri Lankan Courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

Public holidays:
Virtually all countries have public holidays, religious or otherwise. These may disrupt your holiday temporarily and some religious holidays in Muslim countries may result in a reduction of facilities and entertainment. Others may result in traffic congestion, closure of shops, restaurants and other facilities. This should be taken into account when selecting your departure date.


Privacy and Security

We undertake not to provide your personal information to any third party except for your selected hotel and other service provider as stated in our terms and conditions.
We will continue to provide you with updated e-mails about our services if requested and opted-in to our database.
You will have the opportunity to submit comments on our featured suppliers although we reserve the right to decide whether or how such information is used.
We are registered with the data protection registrar and operate in accordance with data protection legislation.
Our Sri Lanka specialists have extensive knowledge of Sri Lanka borne out of their own travels or even living there. Our detailed in-depth hotel reviews of over 100 hotels and island knowledge enables us to offer a bespoke itinerary planning service. Book on-line at cost price: www.boutiquesrilanka.com - true Sri Lanka specialists.

We have carefully selected a reliable company to provide our drivers and vehicles. English, French or German speaking Guides are also available. Drivers are experienced and have a good knowledge of the island and key tourist interests.
Driving Conditions - we have selected safe and secure drivers but it should be highlighted that the roads are rather precarious and the highway code is not adhered to by the majority of other drivers on the road. Your driver will contend with other cars as he believes appropriate and in order to reach your destination in good time. If you find his driving too fast, please let him know. The roads are windy (especially in the Hill country) and passengers may experience some travel sickness. Please be prepared with tablets, bottles of water and take occasional rests.
Good Conduct - drivers have been advised that they should follow the itinerary booked. They should not lead you to every jewellery shop and cafe on the beaten track. However, if you would welcome their advice, please ask them.
Remember that they also need to eat and recover on long journeys so occasional breaks may be required for them.
Communication - most drivers have a good command of English. They will be courteous and have sufficient understanding to converse simply and to stop when required. If you require a personal guide to highlight in greater detail the places of interest, please let us know. We would recommend that you hire a different guide at each tourist attraction as the guides will be more fluent in their subject matter.
Fleet - a range of vehicles are available for your comfort: sedan cars,  people carriers and coaches. We usually recommend people carriers if there are 3+ passengers as it will provide more space and comfort on the long bumpy roads. All vehicles have air conditioning.
Prices - we have established a good km rate with our designated company based upon a minimum daily mileage of 100km. Sustenance and overnight accommodation for drivers (where no drivers’ quarters provision at the hotel) will be charged as extra. All these costs will be included in your quote. Any costs incurred to cover a diversion to your booked route should be settled with your driver. 
Insurance - Company is fully insured for public liability.
Payment Terms:
- a deposit will be taken at the time of booking by Boutique Sri Lanka on behalf of the driver company
- Outstanding payment will be taken at the point of collection in Sri Lanka ( see below)
- Complete payment can be made in advance of arrival and customers can contact the driver company direct after booking confirmation if they wish to discuss any specific concerns. Contact details for the company will be provided on the booking confirmation report. We regret, Boutique Sri Lanka are unable to take 100% payment. A deposit will be taken at the time of booking by Boutique Sri Lanka on behalf of the driver company.
Driver Company
Tropical Travels (Pvt) Limited - Has an excellent reputation for service and reliability. Drivers speak English. Fleet includes : Sedan Cars (Toyota Alion, Nissan N16, Toyota Corolla) , people carriers (KDH 200, KDH 221 , KDS 227), 12 person mini coaches and 30 - 40 person buses. We can also offer luxury vehicles (Mercedez Benz , 4WD double cabs) on request.
Prices & Extras:
Daily Fee - LKR price can be provided upon request/km for any appropriate vehicle (or variations as below)
Minimum driving hours - 100 km / day
Sustenance and Guide Fee approx.. LKR 700 / day ( subject to variance)
Overnight Accommodation (if required) approx.. LKR 2000 / night ( subject to variance)

Minimum Daily Km: 100km at the above rate is the minimum daily distance to retain the driver each day.(Sedan cars and people carriers only)
Our review: Tropical Travel Holidays have an excellent reputation for reliable service, clean cars, good service and great value sedan cars.
Tropical Travel Holidays Payment Policy: Balance payment can be made on arrival direct to the driver in cash. Passengers will be met by the Tropical Travel Holidays driver at the Airport. They can be identified by a Boutique Sr Lanka board bearing your name.